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Virgo and the Sparklings!

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Vocalist and guitarist for Virgo and the Sparklings. Aside from her identity as an artist, she has a unique superpower that gives her the ability to spark a flash of lightning and flame. Plus, her synesthesia allows her to see colors in sounds.

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A cute and energetic girl who becomes the vitamin of the group. Serving as a drummer, she’s the one who united Virgo and the Sparklings.

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A talented keyboardist who is the leader in Virgo and the Sparklings. Ussy comes from a wealthy family and possesses great musical skills. Despite her cool and elegant appearance, she has a hidden unique interest in cosplay.

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Gentle and good-looking senior in university who is interested in Riani. He’s the one who taught Riani taekwondo for self-protection. Despite being close to Riani and confessing his love once, their relationship status is still complicated.

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Serving as the leader and founder of Virgorgeous, Virgo and the Sparklings fan club. She is fond of sciences and art. She is the first person who knows about Riani’s superpower.

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Vocalist, guitarist, and the leader of Virgo and the Sparklings’s no. 1 rival, Scorpion Sisters. Just like Riani, she possesses a superpower too. She can manipulate sound waves and use them to manipulate others as well with hypnosis. She used to be Ganendra’s student but betrayed him to take revenge.